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Our priceless memories, what we have lived and carefully keep within us, are the most valuable we have gained in the journey of life. And if the passage of time constantly leads us to new adventures, there is certainly a way to keep all these moments “alive”, reliving every time we see them, the feelings we felt when we lived them.

What other adventure in this life does not begin as a fairy tale other than marriage? Everything is decorated and wonderful. All flooded with flowers, laughter, and love. The time to complete the biggest step in your life has just arrived. From the wedding day opens a new chapter in your life, a chapter full of beautiful promises, hopes, and many big or small, however treasures, that you are ready to discover with your loved one! Together with our people, on the wedding day, we all hug each other to welcome the beginning of a new life, sending our best wishes for happiness, love, and good offspring!

This script can be written in the same way for all couples. The process is almost the same. However, your day is special. A unique story that has its narrative, its protagonists, and reflects your most authentic feelings through expressions, reactions, words, highlighting all the magic of this amazing wedding experience for every couple.

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Photographs are proof, that even if just for a moment, everything was perfect.

Latest Stories


“Kostas, our photographer, did an amazing job at capturing all of the best moments from our wedding. He is very knowledgeable of all the best places to shoot. We are very happy we chose this studio over all the others!!

Makel Juarez

“Kostas was very friendly and professional. He guided us to the best places in Santorini to shoot photos for our wedding. We loved the photos ???? :). Thank you!!”

Kreshnik Balani

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